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Free Event Wristbands

Free Event Wristbands
Whindo will provide free tyvek wristbands (including shipping) to any event that sells over 50 tickets. Available in 8 different colors, you can mix and match to meet your event's needs.


  • Free shipping is only available in the contiguous United States.
  • A free ticket with no convenience fee applied does not constitute a sold ticket. 50 sold tickets to a single event are required to qualify for free wristbands.
  • Wristbands are branded with the Whindo logo as shown above. Further customization is not available.
  • Wristbands are shipped only when requested by the event organizer prior to the event date.
  • Standard shipping is provided by USPS. Processing and delivery can take up to 10 days from date of request.

Available Colors

Metallic Copper
Metallic Red
Metallic Pink
Metallic Purple
Metallic Blue
Metallic Green
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver

Whindo is free to sign up and get started.

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The features are OUTSTANDING!!!! Most other places charge an arm and a leg for some of the features that Whindo has but Whindo is free or 99 cents if you collect payments from it. Also the support is great - having called a few times to speak to support I have gotten my problems/answers resolved quickly.
Brandon D. - Fort Worth, TX
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