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Payment Processing

free event registration software

2.9% of ticket order + $0.30 per transaction

free event registration software

Pricing Examples

A theatre group hosts a free Shakespeare in the Park production to a limited audience. They can use all of Whindo's features to promote and manage attendance to their event for free because they are not charging admission.
A local craft brewery is having a beer and music festival to commemorate their first year. Tickets cost $20 and they are going to pass on the Whindo fee of $0.99 to their guests as a convenience fee. Each ticket costs guests $20.99. With a single ticket purchase, Whindo gets $0.99 and PayPal takes a processing fee of $0.91. So the brewery will make $19.08 per ticket sold to the event.
An association is having its annual convention and charging members $500.00 per ticket to attend. They choose to include the Whindo fee of $0.99 in their ticket price. Each ticket costs guests $500.00. With a single ticket purchase, Whindo gets $0.99 and PayPal takes a processing fee of $11.32. So the association will make $487.69 per ticket sold to the event.
A high school reunion organizer calculates she needs to receive $30.00 for each attendee to cover her costs. She can pass on the Whindo fee of $0.99 to her guests as a convenience fee but she needs to account for the PayPal processing fee (2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction). She calculates she will need to charge $31.23 for each ticket to cover PayPal fees.

Payment Processing

Whindo utilizes the PayPal™ payment platform to process payments. PayPal™ was chosen because of their industry leading fraud prevention technology as well as providing you the ability to directly manage funds you have collected. PayPal™ transaction fees will apply in addition to Whindo service fees. You must have an active Paypal Merchant Account to sell tickets with Whindo.

free event registration software

1.9% - 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

free event registration software

Offline Payments - Optional

In certain circumstances your guests may not be able to purchase tickets to your event through PayPal or with a credit card. Whindo now supports offline payments. Here is how it works. If enabled, (turned off by default) buyers will have the option during checkout to pay by check or money order. If selected the buyer will receive an invoice for the tickets contained in their order. Once you receive the payment you can complete the order which will email the buyer the purchased tickets and a receipt. Note: Whindo fees of $0.99 per paid ticket apply to offline payments as well. But PayPal transaction fees will not be deducted. free online event registration software

Optional Offline Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FREE ticket?
Every ticket type created in Whindo must have a price. If that price is $0.00 then it's a FREE ticket and no Whindo fees will apply to the sell of that ticket.

Do registrants need a PayPal™ account to purchase a ticket?
No. Registrants can pay using any credit card supported by PayPal™ including: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How much will it cost to use Whindo?
Whindo is FREE for FREE events. If you decide to sell tickets to your event Whindo charges a flat $0.99 per ticket sold. Whindo's pricing is not based on the cost of your ticket. We only make money when you make money.

What types of payment do you accept?
You can pay from your PayPal account by sending the invoiced amount to and including your invoice number. Learn More.

Or you can pay invoices from your Whindo account online. All major credit cards accepted. You can also pay by check payable to Whindo:

5810 Secrest Drive
Austin, Texas 78759

How does Whindo collect fees?
Whindo does not handle monies at any point during the registration process. Whindo is an event registration service that is integrated with your PayPal™ account. All payment processing including credit card collection, verification, and processing is handled by PayPal™. As such, Whindo's fees are included with your ticket sales and directly remitted to your PayPal™ account.

Whindo will email you an invoice at the beginning of each month for Whindo fees collected during the previous month.

If you did not sell any tickets in the previous month you will not receive an invoice. Whindo only charges a fee for each ticket sold. There are no fees for FREE tickets and no monthly or recurring charges.

Still have a question about pricing?
If you have any questions regarding Whindo pricing please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Whindo is free to sign up and get started.

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