Event Registration

Event Registration

Need an affordable solution to promote your next event and sell tickets online?

Event organizers ultimately have a single goal when planning an event. To maximize attendance! And although dozens of strategies are employed when marketing and promoting an event, a strategy for data collection and data management of registrants is often underemphasized.

Event Registration
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It is important to consider the information you want to collect from your registrants during the event registration process. This is the opportunity to collect general demographic as well as product interest and purchasing timeframe.

For a tradeshow or conference the attendee registration list is provided by the event organizer and is negotiated as part of your value-added marketing sponsorship.

If your objective is to support your company’s lead generation initiatives you should work directly with your sales team to identify and profile the target prospects and capture only the minimum number of qualifying questions. It is important to balance the information collected during event registration and the time required to do so.

During event registration you also have the opportunity to collect information to tailor your event to individual attendees. Collecting T-shirt sizes or any special dietary needs for example will personalize your event.

Whindo provides the data collection capabilities to fulfill your event registration requirements. Many common data points (name, email, phone, company, title, address, etc.) are already available and include built-in validation. These standard questions only need to be enabled based on your needs. You can also create up to 20 custom survey questions for each event.

Remember you will want to use questions sparingly to keep the event registration process as quick as possible to maximize your attendance, which again is the primary goal of any event organizer.

Whindo is free to sign up and get started.

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