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Class Reunion Websites

Are you planning a class reunion? If you answer yes to any of these questions then creating an event website for your class reunion might be something to consider:

High School Reunion Websites

Would you like to collect funds in advance to offset all the expenses you will incur planning the event?

Your Whindo class reunion website has a built-in ticketing platform that enables you to sell tickets online and have all funds deposited directly into your PayPal account. You have immediate access to the funds so you can pay the facilities deposit, a caterer, the decorations and that DJ that thinks everyone graduated in the 80s. You can also setup "early bird" tickets to encourage guests to buy tickets even earlier.

Would you like to know how many people are seriously going to attend so you can make appropriate arrangements?

By selling tickets online in advance you will have a higher level of confidence that your classmates will attend.

Would you like to poll your former classmates so you can share some interesting stats at the reunion?

Who traveled the farthest and who has 12 kids are always fun facts that are relayed at reunions. Whindo provides dynamic registration forms so you can ask any question you like.

Would you like to solve all these issues without spending a single dime?

Whindo is a free service for all event organizers. Whindo charges $0.99 per ticket to the purchaser during checkout as a convenience fee. For more information check out our pricing model.

Whindo is free to sign up and get started.

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Whindo is HANDS DOWN the best & easiest-to-use event program I have ever seen. It is completely flexible in terms of design & content and you CAN'T beat the price! The customer support is fast, accurate & friendly. Awesome, I can't say enough about it.
Amy S. - Denver, CO
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